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Scalpel Handles
Disecting Forceps
Gynecological, Obstetrical Instruments
Cotton Applicators
Suction Tubes
Biopsy Needles
Hypodermic Needle
Vein Probes
Dressing and Cotton Swab Forceps
Abdominal Retractors
Suture Instruments
Bandage and Plaster Cast Instruments
Dermatolgy Pedicure and Manicure
Laryngeal, Bronchoscopy, Esophagoscopy
Needle Holders
Orthopedic Trauma Meniscotomy Hand Surgery
Adenotomy, Mouth, Throat and Tonsil Instruments
Gall Bladder, Kidney, Urological
Bone Chisel and Gouges
Bone Rasps
Stomatch and Intestine
Rectal Instruments
Thoracic Surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery
Bone Rongeur Forceps
Bone Curettes
Bone Holding Forceps
Bone Cutting Forceps
Artery, Grasping, Towel Forceps
About Us  

The face of health care industry is changing and we are helping you to face the challenges of this change.

We, at US Stars, started as a small workshop at the start of last century and now have become one of the leading manufacturers of surgical and dental instruments in the world. Today our products are sold worldwide, from Asia, Africa to Europe and America.
With us you can always be ahead of competition.

Our experience in manufacturing of Dental and Surgical instruments has been built-up since 1997, systematically,uncompromisingly and precisely.
A second outcome is quality with the greater pace of technological advancement, and our deeper commitment to it.Quality is our watchword.

We pursue it relentlessly from development through production to service and customer support. Precision is a very important factor in our process. We view precision not only in terms of manufacturing,but also in whole surgical procedure as an integrated system. Hence to develop the function more precisely, we share expertise opinion.

All instruments are hand-crafted and minor deviation in size and weight may occur which does not effect the function and reliability of an instrument.

Our management team belongs to one family and with precious advice of one of the eldest in the industry it enjoys the enthusiasm one of the youngest.

Certified ISO-9002/13485, CE, FDA quality system signify that quality is important to us.
We reach the thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, through distributors and sole agents.
Large stocks of our products help us to reduce processing time of customer orders, resulting in faster delivery.

Thanks for your kind attention in a precious time.

Your's Truly
US Stars.

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